iLuaBox 1.5.3 Update

Orchard Park, NY – MobileApp Systems, a developer of mobile software and hardware solutions for demanding applications, is proud to announce the upcoming availability of iLuaBox, iLuaBox Pro and iLuaBox Lite version 1.5.3, a Lua script development app running on all Apple devices compatible with iOS 4.3 or later.

Lua is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language. It has been used in many industrial applications, with an emphasis on embedded systems and games. iLuaBox is a full- featured implementation of the Lua 5.2 programming language that’s been optimized for iOS.

“iLuaBox lets you create, edit, debug and run Lua scripts right on your iOS device,” says Tom Skwara, company President. “In-App purchases of toolboxes that expand iLuaBox depth and functionality gives our users the choice to invest only in those features critical to their needs.” The Pro version includes all the optional toolboxes from the standard edition at a reduced bundled price. The Lite version is practically free at $0.99 and includes all the features from iLuaBox standard edition except for In-App purchasing and unlimited script length.

This next installment of iLuaBox brings updates to the core Lua engine and SQL Toolbox, and is fully compatible with iOS 4.3 through 5.1.1. iLuaBox always utilizes the very latest Lua technology, which is currently version 5.2.1 released in June 2012. iLuaBox has been available on the App Store for almost two years, bringing an unequaled level of stability and performance to Lua enthusiasts seeking a mobile development solution.

iLuaBox 1.5.3 also includes peer-to-peer messaging, where users create and manage an ad- hoc Bluetooth or local wireless network for exchanging information with other iLuaBox users. An included chat example shows just how easy it is to setup a collaborative note taking session with colleagues nearby. Peer-to-peer messaging is included in all versions of iLuaBox. Real-time data telemetry between many of our other apps will be possible in future releases.


  • Full-featured Lua programming language
  • In App purchases of toolbox expansions
  • Built-in Lua reference manual
  • Basic library, coroutine library, string manipulation, and table manipulation
  • Mathematical functions, bitwise operations, debugging, sensors and more
  • Side-by-side text user interface for intuitive input and output
  • Load, edit, save and print input text
  • Save and print output text
  • Peer-to-peer messaging
  • TextExpander enabled


iLua Toolbox (Built-In)
The iLua Toolbox adds several utility functions for controlling iLuaBox core behavior such as screen mode, printing to the input screen, and reading the device file directory.

Socket Toolbox (Std: In App Purchase / Pro: Built-in)
The Socket Toolbox adds a set of functions to iLuaBox that support SMTP (sending e-mail), HTTP (WWW access) and FTP (file upload and download) protocols, along with other commonly needed Internet functionality.

SQL Toolbox (Std: In App Purchase / Pro: Built-in)
The SQL Toolbox adds a set of functions to iLuaBox for creating, editing and managing databases using the Structured Query Language and the SQLite database engine.

Vox Toolbox (Std: In App Purchase / Pro: Built-in)
The Vox Toolbox adds a set of functions to iLuaBox for synthesizing and playing back speech from text input. Multiple voices can be defined with individual characteristics, and played simultaneously with position and volume control.


  • Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
  • iLuaBox is a universal application.
  • Some functionality may require In-App purchase of specialized toolbox.

What's New in Version 1.5.3:

  • [IMPORTANT] The next version of iLuaBox will require iOS 5.0 or later.
  • [NEW] Lua updated to latest version (Lua 5.2.1 6/8/2012).
  • [NEW] SQL Toolbox updated to SQLite version 3.7.13.
  • [NEW] Added '_RELEASE' global variable.

iLuaBox, iLuaBox Pro, and iLuaBox Lite 1.5.3 will be available on the App Store in early August.
iLuaBox, iLuaBox Pro, and iLuaBox Lite 1.5.2 are available now on the App Store!

More details are available on the iLuaBox product page.

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