Proto Armour


Proto Armour is a system of protective enclosure hardware designed for today's most popular development platforms. Engineers and designers save months of development time through rapid prototyping and tool re-use, and often take advantage of modular development platforms offered by embedded processor manufacturers. These evaluation boards and reference designs are generally used to evaluate the suitability of an embedded device for use in a new product design. Successful evaluation typically leads to the development of a prototype that approximates the functionality of the new product. Subsequent prototypes are built having additional features and functionality until the final product design is complete and released to manufacturing. It is often desirable to use an off-the-shelf evaluation board throughout several rounds of prototyping, however the board suppliers rarely offer enclosure hardware suitable for use with their products. Proto Armour is designed to meet this challenge with a system of protective enclosure hardware designed for today's most popular development platforms.

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  • Durable Construction
  • Structural Modular Design
  • Security Friendly
  • Affordable

Durable Construction

Product testing is often performed outside the safety of a lab environment. Prototypes usually contain breadboards and sensitive electronics that require a layer of protection, or better yet - a layer of armour. Proto Armour protective enclosure hardware is made from aircraft-grade aluminum using state-of-the-art CNC equipment at our facility in Orchard Park, New York USA. Parts are machined to exacting specifications, resulting in an enclosure that fits your board like a glove. Many surface treatments are available, ranging from a cost-effective bare metal finish, to a professional looking anodized coating in a variety of colors.

Structural Modular Design

Product prototypes sometimes require external components or subsystems that are mounted close by. Proto Armour protective enclosure hardware features an assortment of threaded holes and structural reinforcements that facilitate the mounting of external components and subsystems directly to the case. While some enclosures are designed to fit a specific development board, such as the very popular Raspberry Pi, other versions are compatible with a variety of platforms such as Arduino development boards, Freescale Freedom Platform, and 'mbed' modules from ARM. In most cases, Proto Armour hole spacing allows for interlocking several enclosures into a single assembly. Accessories such as brackets and spacers are designed to be compatible across the product line where possible.

Security Friendly

Prototypes are an attractive asset, especially in the wrong hands. Whether it is a classroom setting where several development boards need to be attached to student benches, or at a trade show where a new product is on display, it is critical to properly secure sensitive and valuable equipment. Proto Armour protective enclosure hardware is assembled using machine screws that are threaded from the bottom and hidden from unintended guests. The included through holes facilitate mounting the enclosure directly to a tabletop using special tamper resistant screws. Cover plates are also available to prevent cable detachment and memory card removal.


While functionality and quality are equally priority number one, affordability goes without being said. Project budgets are just as important as timelines. Proto Armour protective enclosure hardware is designed for manufacture, resulting in a lower cost of manufacture that enables low cost of ownership. New enclosure and accessory design is a careful balance of functionality, robust construction, and affordability for all.


Proto Armour protective enclosure hardware is available in a variety of styles: