sledNET System


sledNET is a mobile networked system that offers snowmobile enthusiasts increased safety and convenience while on the trail or in deep powder. By linking the iPhone worn by each rider, sledNET always knows key performance information and the location of each sled. Voice conversations between two or more riders can be activated manually or triggered automatically based on unsafe conditions. The Locator and Orientation Assistant can play a crucial role during an avalanche, and the speech engine can assist if the rider is unable to talk. Convenient access to personal and group performance statistics, along with automatic control over background music, makes sledNET the perfect companion for any hardcore sledder.


  • sledNET Mobile Network
  • Voice Communications
  • Real-time Data Telemetry
  • Distress Alerts
  • Locator Map
  • Orientation Assistant
  • Accident Detection
  • Leaderboard Performance Statistics
  • Speech Engine
  • Personalization and Background Music Player

sledNET Mobile Network

While sledNET is a versatile companion when riding alone, it's full power stands out in a group setting. Certain features such as voice communication and real-time data telemetry rely on a wireless network. More often than not however, a cell phone network isn't available on the trail or in the wilderness. That's why sledNET uses Bluetooth for short-range communication and Wi-FI for long-range communication. Use Bluetooth when two riders share the same sled or when two or more riders on separate sleds remain close together. Use Wi-Fi when the continuous distance between sleds is greater than the range supported by Bluetooth. Using Wi-Fi however requires an existing Wi-Fi network, and MobileApp Systems offers the sledNET Access Point radio that is designed specifically for snowmobiles. Each sledNET Access Point acts as a repeater between sleds to extend the overall length of the sledNET mobile network.

sledNET Access Point

The weatherproof sledNET Access Point combines a wireless radio, omni-directional antenna, and a rugged aluminum housing to create a powerful and robust outdoor Access Point, Client, or Bridge. A variety of mounting arms can be attached between its unique rubberized aluminum ball and your equipment. Tolerance is built-in for shock, vibration, temperature extremes, and moisture that is commonly found in demanding environments.

Voice Communications

Two or more sledders in the same sledNET group can talk to one another under manual or automatic control. A sledNET voice chat can be triggered when the rider shakes their iPhone in a specific manner, or presses the in-line control button on the iPhone headset. All riders in the same sledNET group are conferenced-in. Tapping on your own sled allows starting a group conversation and tapping on individual sleds allows starting private conversations. sledNET's distress alert features can automatically establish voice communications with all riders in the same sledNET group.

Real-time Data Telemetry

sledNET constantly monitors speed, altitude, acceleration, orientation, and location. All riders in the same sledNET group share this data in real-time to enable performance comparisons, awareness of unsafe riding conditions, and monitoring the distance between sleds. Distress alert status is also shared to notify the group when help is needed or simply when someone needs a break to rest.

Distress Alerts

Distress Alerts are triggered manually or automatically and are received by all riders in the same sledNET group. A rider can signal they are in an emergency situation and need help, or simply that they need a break to rest at the next checkpoint or junction. Tapping on your own sled allows selection of the distress alert type. The Help Request may be configured to automatically start a voice chat with all riders in the same sledNET group. The Help Request is automatically issued if the accident detection features are enabled and triggered. Distress alerts can only be disabled manually by tapping your own sled and clearing the appropriate alert.

Locator Map

The Locator Map plots each sled in the same sledNET group, complete with real-time separation distance. Locations are based on the last reported location of each sled and can provide crucial information in an emergency such as an avalanche. Real map graphics are shown if map data is available from a cell network or cached from previous viewing. A single custom open-source map can also be enabled if installed using iTunes File Sharing.

Orientation Assistant

The Orientation Assistant is a 3D view of your sled that rotates (yaw), tilts (roll) and dives (pitch) in sync with the motion of your sled (iPhone). This orientation is monitored for unsafe riding conditions if accident detection features are enabled. Since orientation is relative to the earth's gravity, the Orientation Assistant can play a crucial role if the rider is buried during an avalanche and needs to determine the direction of safety.

Accident Detection

Accident Detection can be enabled to help detect and alert when an accident may have occurred. A 'rolled sled' is detected when an unsafe pitch or roll condition is sensed, while a 'sudden stop' is detected when an unsafe deceleration condition is sensed. A Help Request is issued automatically and voice chatting with the entire group is initiated if configured.

Leaderboard Performance Statistics

sledNET constantly monitors maximum speed, altitude and acceleration. Performance data can be used for personal improvement or to verify the functionality of other equipment. Taking advantage of Real-Time Data Telemetry, sledNET also tracks the performance standings of the entire sledNET group. Both the US customary and metric unit systems are supported.

Speech Engine

More often than not, your iPhone will be tucked away inside a jacket pocket or saddlebag, and is not readily available for viewing. sledNET contains a speech engine that announces various alerts and notifications made by the system. The personalized name of each sled, along with critical information is spoken in a clear male English speaking voice. Background music is automatically lowered while speech is playing.

Personalization and Background Music Player

Hardcore sledders are typically loyal to a brand and their respective brand colors. sledNET allows you to configure the color and name of your sled. Both your sled color and name are visible to all riders in the same sledNET group. Riding can also be more enjoyable while listening to your favorite music. sledNET allows for custom selection and playback of music based on title, artist, album, genre and more. Music automatically ducks out of the way during alerts and voice communication.


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